October 9, 2018


Below is an indication of the prices we charge. Before the start of the treatment, we will provide you with a full write treatment plan and an estimation of cost.



Single Tooth Implant with Crown from £2400
Single implant fixture from £750
Single implant with healing abutment from £850
Additional fee for aesthetic cases £250
Two or more implants (with abutments and crowns) £1600 each
Implant surgery review
Implant second stage exposure £95
Implant impressions
Implant crown fit from £750-1000
Implant bridge unit on implant from £750-900
Implant bridge pontic £500
Lower full denture on two implants (not including implants) £1500
Autogenous block grafting per site £900
Bone augmentation single site £295
Soft tissue augmentation single site £295
Additional bone grafting material per unit £125
Sinus floor elevation £195
Lateral window sinus augmentation separate procedure £1200
Lateral window sinus augmentation combined procedure £900
Removal of implant £395
Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis £395
Additional Fee for Aesthetic Zone £200

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