Ali Abdellatif was born in Essex and grew up in England before returning to Egypt with his family in 1988. He completed his secondary education in international schools in Egypt and attended the Faculty of Dentistry at Alexandria University, one of the top universities in the Middle East, with strong links to King’s College (then Guy’s Hospital) in London.

After completion of his internship, he came back to England and began his surgical training at Basildon and Southend Hospitals in Essex and then at the Manchester Royal Infirmary in Manchester. Ali was then appointed the post of lecturer and clinical demonstrator at King’s College London teaching undergraduate oral surgery. Following this, he began to practise dentistry in NHS and private practice.

With his background in oral surgery and his desire to learn dental implantology at the highest level, he applied to the two-year MSc programme at King’s College and was among four accepted in his cohort. Two years later, in 2007, Ali was awarded a Master’s Degree in Implant Dentistry. Since then, he has established his own practice in London’s prestigious West-End (which is now part of the Oasis Dental Care group) and he has worked at several practices throughout London and Hertfordshire, providing implant dentistry and oral surgery services. He is also part-time of the award-winning Covent Garden Dental Practice in London where he placed his first implants in 2005 and helped establish an implant service.

Ali is passionate about patient care and the provision of the highest level of dental implant treatment to his patients. He invests time and travel into continually updating his knowledge and skills. Following his MSc he has been to Sweden, Germany and France to learn at the clinics of some of the most world-renowned implant specialists.

We invest heavily in the latest technologies in bone and soft tissue regeneration such as a special centrifuge that extracts fibrin from the patient’s own blood to be used to stimulate and improve healing of the bone and soft tissues in implant surgery. In 2016 Ali is now studying the latest developments in implant dentistry including digital planning and CAD-CAM manufacturing of implant and tooth-borne restorations (crowns and bridges).

“I would like patients and prospective patients to rest-assured that we provide only the highest standards of hygiene, sterilisation and implant materials. All treatment techniques are well- researched so that the success rate is always the highest possible. Before embarking on any treatment the options, benefits and risks will be clearly explained so that you can decide what is best for you. We also ensure that any treatment you have with us is well maintained by means of an on- going dental maintenance programme.”

Ali provides implant dentistry in London and Hertfordshire. Practice details are provided on our contact page.

He currently works at:

The Regency House Dental Clinic in St Albans, 28a St Peter’s Street, AL1 3NA

www.regencyhousedental .com

The Covent Garden Dental Practice 61G Odhams Walk, London WC2H 9SD www.cgdp.com

The Marylebone Dental Practice, 61 Paddington Street, Marylebone Dental Practice, 61 Paddington Street, London, W1U 4JD

T: 020 7935 2980, [email protected]


I have been referring patients to Ali for implants since 2009 and have always been extremely happy with the service he has provided. I have the utmost confidence in his treatment planning and surgical skills and thoroughly enjoy working alongside him on both simple and very complex restorative cases. My patients greatly appreciate his confident and caring manner and, as a referring dentist, I always find him more than willing to address any issues or questions I might have. He has helped me enormously to grow and integrate implants smoothly into my own practice.

Dr Mark Flynn

The Covent Garden Dental Practice